Roof Trends: Exploring the Most Popular Roof Colors in Westminster

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Are you interested in giving the roofing of your Westminster an upgrade? The exterior of your home is one of the first things that people notice and renovations and changes are an important part of keeping your home fresh and presentable. Your home’s curb appeal plays a huge role in the value of your Westminster property. Maintaining a beautiful home goes beyond choosing a siding color or painting your front door. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 3 popular roof colors in Westminster that can take your roofing to the next level. 


Westminster Roofing: Trending Roof Colors

Before deciding on your home’s new roof color, take some time to consider all the different factors that will come into play. For example, you can consider the local climate, the surrounding landscape, the architectural style of your home and neighborhood, and your overall style goals. Do you want a roof color that is sophisticated and modern, calming and unique, or inviting and warm? Or, are you more interested in a roofing color that will help keep your home cool in the hot summer months in Westminster?

Westminster experiences a semi-arid climate and is influenced by its location in the Rocky Mountains. Depending on the time of year, Westminster has sunny summers or freezing, snowy winters. The city itself has a blend of modern, traditional, and suburban architecture with durable materials that can withstand the temperature fluctuations.

Taking all of these factors into account will help you narrow down the best roof colors for your home in Westminster. 

popular roof colors, best roof colors, trending roof colors

Warm Browns: Cozy & Rustic 

If you’re looking for a roof color that will add warmth to your home, then warm browns are the perfect color for your new roofing. These earthy, warm tones invoke a sense of tradition, bring a cozy presence to your house, and can add a rustic touch. Warm, earthy hues also complement well with the natural surroundings and landscape in the Westminster area. 

Light Neutrals: Minimalistic & Versatile

Tan, beige, and cream roofing colors have recently gained popularity in the Westminster community. These neutral, modern tones complement a wide range of architectural styles and are perfect for the homeowner who wants to incorporate a minimalist aesthetic. In addition, these light colors are energy efficient and help deflect the sun during the hot and sunny Westminster summer. Ultimately, these roofing colors can help reduce your electric bills. 


popular roof colors, best roof colors, trending roof colors, Westminster

Green Tones: Quaint & Striking

Green is a unique roofing color that will complement Westminster’s blend of architecture and character. In general, green tones are a striking choice and pair well with neutral siding tones. You can often find green roofing in Victorian, Mid-Century Modern, and Craftsman architectural styles. Ultimately, if you want to add a soothing, natural, and quaint vibe to your home, then green roofing is a great choice.

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