Understand Your Storm Restoration Claim and How to Get Your Entire Property Repaired Not Just A Roof

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Home Exterior

hail storm damage exterior home roofing contractors

Storms can be devastating for your entire property – while the roof is certainly the property component that is the most exposed to the impact of extreme weather, other elements of your property, such as the windows, the gutters, the fence might also suffer from the impact of storms. Severe property damage is not always obvious to the untrained eye, therefore you need strategic action to solve the problem – here are the steps:

  • Hire a property restoration expert to inspect your home and your landscape – these contractors have the knowledge and the experience necessary for assessing the amount of damage sustained by your property and will provide an itemized, documented list of your damaged property components. Your property restoration Westminster roofing contractors will issue a written cost estimate for the repairs deemed necessary and will also help you with the steps of the insurance claims process;
  • Review your policy – the clauses in your home insurance policy will tell you exactly what type of damage is covered and what are the damage types that are excluded. Make sure to include only covered items into your claim;
  • Follow your insurer’s procedure – you claim file needs to comply with your insurer’s expectations in terms of form and content. If your document is considered to be compliant, your insurer will also send its own expert to check your property, then the insurer will propose their own solution that you can accept, refuse or negotiate.