Are Commercial Roofers Better Than Residential Contractors?

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Residential Communities

sloped high roofing flat high roof above

If you need help repairing or installing a residential roof, you probably already wondered why homeowners don’t simply hire commercial roofers for the job. They usually have more manpower and the ability to deal with larger projects, and they are also highly professional since they constantly work on buildings belonging to large and important corporations.


The idea is, however, that you need a roofer who specializes in the type of roof you have (or want to install). It’s not about which type of roofing contractor is better, and commercial roofing is usually an entirely different industry, unless the roofer you find also happens to specialize in sloped, residential roof installations and repairs.


However, in most cases the surest way to go about it is to simply hire a dependable and experienced local residential roofer to help you out. They can assess the damage, help you determine whether or not you even need to have your roof replaced, and provide you with a written estimate to help you figure out exactly how much the job is worth. You can then compare their expertise and prices to other residential roofers to figure out which one to hire.


Although it can be great if a certain contractor has experience with commercial roofing, it’s definitely not a prerequisite. Small, family owned residential roofing companies like are typically a far better choice when it comes to ensuring that your roof will last a long time.