Colorado Weather Is Hard on Your Roof – How to Help It Cope

by | Jun 9, 2020 | General

Colorado weather roofer repair

Some climate regions cause more stress for roofs than others and Colorado certainly is an area that is hard on your roof. The weather in the Centennial State comes with wide and often very sudden fluctuations in temperature, extended rainy periods followed by dry spells, heavy snowing and extreme events, such as hurricanes. To make sure that your Colorado roof stands strong, whatever weather comes along, you need to take care of it by never neglecting your maintenance duties – here are some things that you should know about proper roof care:

  • Regular maintenance sessions – ideally, roof maintenance should be scheduled at six months intervals with a professional Westminster roofer, one session carried out in spring, to repair any damage caused by the previous winter and one session in fall, to prepare the roof for the upcoming cold season;
  • The tasks involved – roof maintenance tasks must include cleaning, inspection and repair not only on the roof surface, but also on the accessories and the adjacent parts, including the chimneys, the flashing around roof openings, the gutters, the downspouts and the roof vents;
  • The right type of coating – most roofing materials can be protected from damage by applying the right type of roof coating. Coating products are like thick paint and they are applied with rollers or from spray cans to protect the roof from the harmful effects of water, extreme heat and cold and solar radiation.