Do I Need A Permit for A New Roof?

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Residential Communities

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The requirements related to building permits vary significantly from one state to the other, but as a general rule, any work that affects the structure of the building requires a permit. This means that acquiring the services of Broomfield roof repair technicians to replace a couple of shingles or tiles on your roof will probably not require you to obtain a permit, but complete roof replacement, the replacement of the roof deck and the installation of a new roof on top of a new building certainly will.

The best way to find out whether you need a permit for the roofing job that you have in mind is by turning to the local authorities or to a roofing contractor. If the current regulations applicable in your area do require you to obtain a permit for your new roof, there are two ways to get the document. In most states there are only two types of people who can submit applications for building permits: homeowners and contractors licensed in the state of application. However, the process of obtaining a building permit for roof work is a complicated and often lengthy process – if your new roof will be installed by a contractor anyway, the best solution is to let the contractor take care of the necessary permits as well.