Do You Need to Fix Your Roof for Just Hail Damage?

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Roofing News

Hailstorm damage roofing company assessment

Hail is a nasty enemy – the balls of ice, the heavy rain and the winds associated with hail events can cause not only visible damage, such as lifted shingles or ripped-off tiles, but more insidious damage, such as tiny cracks and punctures that aggravate over time and start causing problems much later. Here are some things to know about how to handle hail damage:

  • A thorough roof assessment is essential – some types of hail damage can only be detected with a meticulous, professional examination of the roof from a Thornton roofing company, so the best way to assess the post-hail condition of your roof is to call a roofer and have the roof inspected. Your roofer will record all forms of damage and will recommend you the best course of action to ensure the durability and the safety of your roof;
  • Timely repair is also key – extremely severe roof damage might require the complete or partial replacement of the roof, but in some cases, the damage sustained by your roof might look more severe than it really is, meaning that minor fixes can solve the problems up there. However, even in the case of minor damage, you need to act quickly, getting the structure fixed and its strength restored before the next storm hits.