How Should You Keep Your Commercial Building Roof Clean?

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Roofing News

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Keeping your commercial roof clean is very important, as it can actually prolong the life of your roof, while also helping you protect your investment.

Water accumulation can seriously affect not only your roofing system, but also the entire structure of your commercial building. Another clue that your commercial roof needs special attention is the appearance of bubbles. This may indicate that there is humidity trapped right under the cover of your roof. Or that the insulation board is letting some gas escape. At any rate, you need to see if there is any kind of dirt-related issue and solve the problem immediately.

In order to keep your roof clean, you should also check the gutters, drains or downspouts for any kind of debris, branches or other elements which may interfere with the well-functioning of your roof system. You could start by rinsing the surface with a low-pressure kind of washer, namely with about 2,000 psi, or even lower.

Then you can apply a soft, non-abrasive cleaning product with the help of a long brush. You can ask for advice from the part of your local roofing supplier, in order to determine which products are best for your commercial roof, or directly to a local commercial roofer