How To Know If Your Roof Hail Damage Is Covered by Insurance

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Roofing News

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Hail is a devastating force that can cause damage to many building components, including the roof, the structure that is the most exposed to the winds, the rain and the ice balls associated with hail. In many cases, homeowners discover in a shock that their home insurance policy does not cover for hail – here is how to find out whether yours does:

  • Check your policy – all the terms and conditions of your home insurance are comprised in your policy, so the best way to find out whether you have hail coverage is to check the document. Read the document very carefully and pay attention to the small print, too;
  • Ask your insurance agent or broker – your insurance expert can tell you exactly what type of damage coverage you have and what forms of damage are excluded from your policy;
  • Call your insurance company – your insurer will also be able to help you with information regarding your Broomfield roof repair coverage.

If you find out that your current insurance does not provide coverage for hail damage, you can turn to your broker or directly to your insurance company to get help figuring out how you can get the coverage you need.