How To Spot Early Signs Of Roof Damage

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Roofing News

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Roof damage can appear suddenly, as the consequence of a weather event or it can develop slowly, starting small and increasing in severity over time. Whatever the size and the type of the damage, spotting the signs early is essential – here is how to make sure that you capture any damage sustained by your roof as early as possible:

  • Perform a check after each severe weather event – storms and high winds are the most common causes for roof damage. To find out whether your roof needs any repair, wait until the storm goes away, then check the ground around the house looking for shingle granules, climb up to the roof to check for damaged or missing roof components and also perform a check standing on your attic floor and looking up at the roof to check for any holes;
  • Regular roofing Thornton area inspections in fall and spring – summer and winter are usually the two harshest seasons for roofs. To make sure that your roof is strong enough to take all the beating from the elements, inspect it or have it inspected by professional roofer in spring and in fall to reveal any faults that need to be remedied before harsh weather comes.