Roof Maintenance in Colder States Versus Warmer States

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Residential Communities

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Roof maintenance is a very important task that has the role of detecting roofing issues early as well as of strengthening the roof. The tasks involved are similar for roofs in cold and hot climate regions – all roofs need to be cleaned, inspected and repaired by Westminster roofing contractors if necessary, regardless of the climate region, but the faults to pay attention to and the method are slightly different. Here are some things to pay attention to depending on your climate zone:

  • Cleaning – warmer and colder geographical areas are associated with different type of debris on roofs. Many cold regions start getting snow in fall, requiring homeowners to prepare for and to perform snow removal more frequently than in milder climates. The debris that needs removal in warmer regions usually consists of dust, dried leaves, twigs, nuts and feathers;
  • The faults to look for – regardless of the climate area, roof maintenance includes a detailed inspection of the roof surface and of the gutters. In hot regions, the most common roof faults are related to overheating, such as improperly fastening elements caused by the shrinkage of the roofing material, cracks and blisters, while in cold climates, the most common forms of damage include cracking, caving and gutters dragged down by the weight of snow.