Roofing Materials Have Evolved

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Residential Communities

roofing materials have evolvedPerhaps it should be a good idea to understand the evolution of roofing materials throughout the American history. Roofing materials as well as techniques have certainly come a long way.

In the early times of the creation of the United States, the three most used materials for roofing systems included clay, wood and slate. These materials were highly popular due to their resistance to fire.

Among all of these three types of materials, wood remained the most favorite one. Wood was very easy to transport and many people had the necessary knowledge and experience to create solid roofing systems.

Later on, namely in the 19th century, other types of materials began to be used for installing roofing systems. Metal became popular in many parts of the US. In this respect, the most commonly used materials were iron and lead. At the turn of the twentieth century other types of materials started to be used, such as steel, asbestos and asphalt.

The evolution process has demonstrated that early metal roofs were prone to rust and corrosion. At the same time, organic materials were also less resistant. Thus, slate was the most constant type of material for roofing systems all across the American continent.  Check with your local Broomfield roofing company to find what products they support and what is most popular in your community.