Services to Look for When You Own an EPDM Roof in Colorado

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Roofing News

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An EPDM can be a very efficient roofing solution due to its durability as well as its affordability. In fact, this type of roof can last for over 50 years. It can be installed quickly and easily and requires very little maintenance all through its lifetime.


EPDM or ethylene polypropylene diene monomer is one of the most versatile types of construction materials available on the market. EPDM is considered to be one of the best types of materials for flat roofs, due to the fact that it can be used both for roofing Broomfield commercial and for residential properties.


Another amazing advantage pertaining to EPDM is that can be used on mostly any type of roof. That means that the exact cost may be influenced by the exact size of the roof area, the location of your house, etc.


While keeping an eye on the good state of your EPDM roof, there are certain essential things to look at. Signs of damage may include stains on the ceiling. In case the roofing deck is made of metal, you should look for any signs of rust.


Although shrinkage can be quite common, there are other signs which may indicate danger, such as chemical damage or direct steam coming from your HVAC system.