Stylish Broomfield CO Roofing Designs for Your Roof

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Roofing News

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Buying a new house in Broomfield CO may be a great opportunity to start anew and gain a lot of freedom when it comes to your home renovations and improvements. The roof is usually one of the most important area that needs work, especially if it’s somewhat older. Consider these Broomfield roofing designs and styles that are considered to work very well for this area:


  • One of the more challenging styles to consider for your Broomfield CO home is a mansard roof. This French design will improve your home’s curb appeal and also add more interior space to your house.
  • Consider a butterfly roof for an aesthetically unique design that will add a lot of flare to your home’s exterior appearance.
  • Although gambriel roofs are often used on barns, recent trends point to an increasing number of homes using this design for the main roof. It can often add a timeless, countryside cottage-like feel to your home.
  • An M-shape roof is just as it sounds. It features two sloped roofing areas that meet in the middle to form an “M” shape. It looks somewhat like a double gable roof, and it can really boost the appearance of your home, as long as it’s built properly.