Were You Affected by The Recent Hailstorm in Broomfield? Next Steps to Ensure Your Roof Is Safe

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Residential Communities

hands protecting home hailstorm restoration roofing company

If your Broomfield property has been damaged by the recent hailstorm, you are surely looking for ways to restore your building or landscape and to make sure that it is safe to stay in your building. One of the most important components of your building envelope and also the one that is the most exposed to hail damage is the roof – here is what to do if you suspect that your roof has been affected by hail stone:

  • Call a roofing Broomfield restoration contractor as soon as you can – even the smallest crack, hole or dent in your roof can aggravate quickly, so quick action is essential in the case of hail damage. Call a roofer to assess the condition of your roof and to implement any temporary measures deemed necessary to salvage whatever can be salvaged;
  • Document the damage and get a cost estimate – the initial damage control measures should include damage documentation. Take pictures and record videos of the damaged parts on your roof or get your roofer to handle the task for you. The images and footages will be necessary to back up your insurance claim. You should also ask your roofer to provide a written cost estimate for the repairs as quickly as possible – the document will provide you the grounds for the sum that you will be claiming from your insurer.