What Are The Advantages Of Cement Tile Roofs?

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Roofing News

roof cement tile roofer installed home project

Concrete tile roofs may refer to clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate and shingles. Cement tile roofs certainly have many advantages. They are very popular because they are versatile. Thus, they can come in many shapes and colors, depending on the exact needs and general design of your home or commercial building.

They are very easy to maintain. Being strong and hard to damage, concrete makes a great roofing material. This type of roof generally requires removal of mold or mildew, in order to prevent further damage. Concrete is fire resistant, and that makes it the preferred choice of many homeowners.

At the same time, concrete roofs are quite long-lasting when installed by a Westminster roofer with experience. In case they are installed properly and maintained on a regular basis, they can last for about 50 years.

Also, they are fire resistant and environmentally-friendly. Concrete is made of natural materials. Despite the fact that it is not biodegradable, its components do not require factory production which usually is harmful to the environment. Concrete can be made with recyclable materials, and that also can make it popular among homeowners and entrepreneurs. Preserving the environment has become a major issue these days, and using eco-friendly products for your home is an important part of the building process.