What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof in Westminster

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Blog, Storm Damage, Westminster

The typical hail season in Colorado takes place from April to August. Three to four major storms occur per hail season, with approximately eight minor hail occurrences during the same time frame. Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming have the most severe hailstorms in comparison to other regions, and for this reason, this area is called “Hail Alley”. Hail is considered any size from pea-sized to marble-sized ice formations, which form inside thunderstorm updrafts. The largest recorded hail event occurred in June 2022 with hail measuring 4.83 inches and weighing 8.5 ounces. 

Hail can obviously cause great damage to the Westminster homeowner. What should you do if a hailstorm causes damage to your roof? 

Hail on the roof

Take Lots of Pictures

When it is safe to venture outdoors, make sure to take several pictures of the damage. Take as many as you can from ground level. It may be difficult to see all of the damage, but do the best you can. This is proof, for your records, of what occurred in the storm. If it is possible, take some video of the damage as well. 

Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

Contact a local roofing company to inspect your roof. They have the safety equipment to climb on top of your roof and inspect damaged areas. An honest company will speak with you about the damages caused and advise you on the choices you can make. Here are some items to consider when speaking with a roofing company.

  • Make sure the company is fully insured, with General Liability and Workmen’s Comp, before the team climbs on your roof. 
  • Do not sign any paperwork the roofing company presents until after the inspection is done, and a plan can be put in place. 
  • Do not give the roofing company any money up front to do the inspection. It should be a free inspection. 
  • Know what the roofing company is doing during the inspection. Be present. 
  • Ask for the company’s license number if you are not familiar with them. 

How can you find a trustworthy company in a day when there are so many scammers? You can trust Mile High Roofing Services, LLC to be on your side! We take pride in our work and follow simple principles daily. We treat our customers like family, with courtesy and respect. We do what we say we will do! Provide the best materials and workmanship possible. We are honest and intentional with your best interest in mind

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent can be a great asset to you. Ask them to help you understand your policy and deductible. Ask for copies of the paperwork for our files. While most insurance policies cover hail and wind damage, this will depend on your plan. 

Storm damaged roof

If you think your roof has been damaged by hail or wind storms, trust Mile High Roofing Services in Westminster to guide you through the process to a repaired or replaced roof. We know how stressful it can be when damage has occurred. Give us a call for a free estimate.